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    Legend of Korra: Book 3 Trailer [x]

    I talked to BK today and he said he is very pleased with this season! I’m going to a premier screening of the first few episodes next week, I am very very excited!

    My jealousy is overwhelming, ahhhh enjoy enjoy!! :’DD 

    De lo mejor. 

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    Yes ! 

    Me encantó. Debería desenterrar a Kirby en mi PC

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    Qué hdp’s jajajajaj

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    The Legend Of Korra: Favorite Battle Scene

    VS. The Red Lotus

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    Of course there’s a gif for that

    Thank god It’s not a supernatural gif

    Followers. Do your thing.

    I…I think you just found our weakness.

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    Sometimes… sure

    Sometimes… sure

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    The Doctor meets River Song - 1 of 2

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